1998 - 2003

The Alabama Slammers formed in 1998 as a five-piece rockin' outfit and progressed to a seven-piece with the inclusion of tenor & baritone sax players.

The Band toured throughout the UK and Europe and appeared as headline act at the Bahrain Heineken Music festival, support to the Original (Bill Hailey's) Comets, Linda Gail Lewis and Wee Willie Harris. Three albums were also produced on the Pollytone label: "We're Slammin'", "Gimme Some More" & "Ragmoppin'" featuring Wee Willie.

The original line-up was Barry Few (Vocals/harp), Paul Richardson (Drums), Neale Hobday (Dbl-Bass), Claire Hamlin (Piano) & Kevin "Smiley" Lloyd (Guitars). The Fat Jacket horns of Nick Lunt (Bari) and Lee Badau (tenor) joined up for the first album, Lee to be later replaced by Big Al Bland.

The Slammers have now gone their seperate ways and have formed two new bands. Please click on the links below to access the respective web sites.
Ocean's Seven - Slammers Maximum Jive Band
(c) Paul Richardson - 2005